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Education Director for Praxis

I run an apprenticeship program that places people at startups, helps them develop real world skills, and shows them how to create value in the marketplace. Click here to watch our brief introductory video, “Praxis – Apprentice at a Startup.”

Recent Blog Posts

What’s Next?

Presumptuous negativity comes from the same source as Pollyanna positivity: A failure of imagination. When…

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The Permission to Go Small

Take a brief moment and think about something that's really interesting to you. Be specific.…

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The Credit Is All Yours

This is the screenshot of a tweet I woke up to this morning. My talk…

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An Honest Pessimist Is as Good as an Honest Optimist

Statement #1: "Things will never get better." Statement #2: "Things look pretty bleak right now."…

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