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Education Director for Praxis

I run an apprenticeship program that places people at startups, helps them develop real world skills, and shows them how to create value in the marketplace. Click here to watch our brief introductory video, “Praxis – Apprentice at a Startup.”

Recent Blog Posts

Neither a Contrarian Nor a Conformist. Simply an Individual.

True self-authenticity is the willingness to like what everyone else likes when it stands to…

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The Greatest Form of Loneliness

There is a least one form of loneliness that's greater than the kind resulting from…

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Authenticity & Acceptability

Honesty is necessary for personal growth, but it's not sufficient. Being real is the first…

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If You’re Going to Share Your Success, Then Please Stop Scandalzing It

Acts of philanthropy are much better when performed by people who embrace their assets and…

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