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Education Director for Praxis

I run an apprenticeship program that places people at startups, helps them develop real world skills, and shows them how to create value in the marketplace. Click here to watch our brief introductory video, “Praxis – Apprentice at a Startup.”

Recent Blog Posts

Anna Quindlen On Keeping the Magic Alive In Your Daily Work

I recently began reading a little book from the Library of Contemporary Thought called "How…

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More Ways Than One

I'm sure you've heard the phrase "Money can't buy happiness." Here's an exercise I like…

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It Works Both Ways

A friend of mine shared the following quote (attributed to Aagam Shah) with me today: “If…

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Is It Really True That You Don’t Care About Money?

When people constantly feel the need to say things like "I don't care about money,"…

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