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“Dealing with negative people”

We have the ability to live happily and successfully in a world which includes the presence of naysayers, whiners, and cynics. 

Our capacity to mantain an empowering outlook on life  doesn’t have to be adversely affected by encounters with so-called “negative” people. An active sense of humor, creativity, and compassion, allows us to embody our values even when passing through seemingly hostile social environments.

When we find ourselves in the company of someone who subscribes to a disempowering belief, we can simply appreciate the positive aspects of their life without feeling the pressure to change the aspects we don’t like.

While we remain available to provide whatever assistance we can to those who request our help, we can also choose to respect other people’s freedom to form their own perspectives.

By accepting diversity, disagreement, and dissent as a part of life, we gain the flexibility that is required to thrive in all conditions.

T.K. Coleman

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