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TK’s Two Cents on “Inspiration & Creativity”

Inspiration can be invoked through focused attention and faith-based action. When we deliberately point our thoughts towards the object of our desire and perform activities, however small, that move us further in that direction, we discover our power to summon the forces that aid us in our work.

The relationship between creativity and inspiration is not unlike that of a Mother to it’s child. In the beginning, inspiration gives birth to creativity. Creativity, like a weaning child, requires the energy of inspiration to feed it. Over time, however, maturity expresses itself as the  ability to act and make decisions even when the mother is not around. The mother does not disappear at the sign of maturity. She simply takes a backseat to her child’s initiative. Once her child takes action, the mother eagerly jumps in to coach and cheerlead her offspring. When a mature child looks to its mother’s inspiration as a prerequisite for creative action, he will likely end up feeling undersupported. But if he chooses to engage in creative action first,  he will find himself quickly allied and affirmed by the very support he initially sought. So it is with the  execution of creative ideas.

If we wait for the inspiration to show up, our sense of creativity will suffer neglect and remain immobile. However, if we decide now to express our creative impulses in whatever way we can, we will inevitably discover that inspiration is like a faithful mother who rushes onto the field to cheer on her child when she observes him doing the work he’s supposed to do.

Show up, get started, do the work, and inspiration will happen.

This is T.K. Coleman and that’s my two cents

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