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Confessions of a tough-minded optimist: I was born to create!

My heart cannot be content with mere speculation. I was born to create.

No amount of contemplation, analysis, or study can produce the self-actualization that results from my decision to commit.

The willingness to take a chance and learn from my mistakes is more than enough to get started. Preparation will befriend me along the path of action.

I release my need to be perfect. I renounce my need to get it “right” the first time around. I relinquish my need to be beyond criticism.

The false security I feel by safely hiding my gifts from the world,  is not worth the life of emptiness and boredom which accompanies it.

I must allow the world to feel the weight of who I truly am, if I wish to live the life that is really mine. I must allow myself to create. I must, I will, I do.

T.K. Coleman

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