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Confessions of a tough-minded optimist: I choose to be limitless!

There is no end to the astounding things that are capable of springing forth from my inner being. I liberally share my most cherished thoughts, knowing that even greater ones are bound to pour through me in the future.

When creative ideas and intelligent insights introduce themselves to me, I do not regard myself as fortunate. I simply recognize this as the natural process whereby Infinite Intelligence distributes itself through all who are open to the possibility of their own genius.

There is no need for me to fear the depletion of my soul’s treasures. For as an expression of  The Limitless, my potential is inexhaustible. Invested with this understanding, I offer my gifts to the universe without a sense of lack.

As I selflessly allow others to be blessed by the outflow of my inner resources, I become more attuned to the inflow of God’s. I choose to freely give. I choose to freely receive. I choose to freely be the limitless version of me.

What about you? Will you join me? 

 -T.K. Coleman

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  1. This is interesting. Following on from a recent discussion on the meaning of freedom and constraints. I started to look back over some of the definitions that have guided or influenced me in the past.

    One particular definition I came across incorporates the idea of “limitations” and “choice” reflected in this post. Its one of six defining statements by a channelled source called the “Wonders” (Rene Gaudette) and it simply states:

    “…I am limitless; My choices reflect my limitlessness..”

    So just like existence no choice is involved. YOU EXIST!

    So applying that to limitless:

    You cannot choose to be what you already are. What you can choose is for your choices to reflect this aspect to yourself or not.

    That is you can choose to reflect your limitedness or your limitlessness. Either way both choices are equally valid because you can choose to change either at any moment.

    Hope this provides further food for thought!

  2. Kwamla,

    this provides an entire meal for thought. Thank you immensely, sir. I appreciate you taking the time to write this. I like the manner in which you express the reality of our limitlessness.

    “What you can choose is for your choices to reflect this aspect to yourself or not.”

    That is a powerful insight. Even what seems on the surface to be a limitation is merely a display of our own limitlessness appearing finitude.

    I love the idea of knowing we are limitless and choosing to reflect that rather than attempting to become something more when we already are infinite.

    Profound AND practical!!

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