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TK’s Two Cents on “How to get around bodyguards and make it to the top” Part I

I have never read a single author with whom I agreed on every single point.

I have never heard a single lecture, speech, or sermon that was so good that I resonated with all of the key notes.

I have never heard a quote, maxim, proverb, or piece of advice that worked for every person in every situation.

I have never met a leader, expert, guru, or great achiever whose personal life was completely beyond criticism.

I have never seen anyone who was so smart that I couldn’t find an old article or youtube video of them saying something seemingly misinformed or contradictory.

I have never allowed any of those things to prevent me from learning and growing.

The opportunity for personal transformation is too precious to delay because of a personal misgiving I may have about the individual who presents the information or because of undue attention focused on those aspects of a person’s philosophy I don’t like.

Winston Churchill once remarked “In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.”

His wish for times of war may not be very far from fulfillment in everyday life. There is rarely a truth that is not surrounded by a number of compelling distractions which seem to be more worthy of our attention than the truth itself. They take a variety of forms ranging from a buzz word used in a presentation that you absolutely hate or a pair of funny looking shoes worn by the person talking to you. These distractions don’t come in the form of menacing looking men in black suits and shades, but they function as bodyguards nevertheless.  The form is irrelevant. The function is singular and decisive: prevent you from getting to the truths you need to know at all costs.

There is an abundance of useful information that can help you take charge of any area in your life. If you’re ready to learn and determined to live an optimal life, the tools are out there. But you must have the resolve to look and listen beyond objectionable content in order to see and hear the aspects that can empower you.

Don’t let someone else’s looks, accent, clothes, eccentric personality, income, words, errors, failures, or flaws prevent you from getting what you want out of a situation. You’re here to create your dreams. In every moment, find a way to get what you need in order to do that. Otherwise, you’re just letting yourself get pushed around by bodyguards. You’re bigger, brighter, and better than that.

At least that’s my two cents. What do you think?

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  1. T.K.-Wow such a powerful message. Thanks for sharing this. I really appreciate you taking on this Commitment/Experiment/Challenge/Growth Process. I will continue to follow along.
    Your topics are Gold and mapped with insight.

    Thanks again! Casey

    1. Thanks from the bottom of my heart, Casey. It’s only been 31 days, but I’ve already began to learn a great deal about life and myself through this process of writing daily. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and I appreciate the feedback immensely. Feel free to keep following along. I’ll be here, bro.

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