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TK’s Two Cents “Your well-being is an emergency”

Imagine this:

A man walks down the street minding his own business.

A gang of bullies violently ambush him and beat the poor guy to pulp. He’s bruised and bloodied.

A  Good Samaritan comes along, picks the guy off the ground, and rushes him straight to the emergency room.

Once they arrive, the victim and the Good Samaritan struggle together to make it to the door.

As they get to the door, the victim says “Wait! I can’t do this!”

“Are you crazy?” says the good Samaritan. “You MUST do this! Let’s GO!”

“No, no” says the victim. “Let me clean up first. I look terrible! My face is hideous! Let me at least make my appearance half-decent first. Now, give me a hand and help me get this bullet out of my shoulder. God forbid I let the good Doctor see me this way.”

“Hey, buddy”, yells the Good Samaritan. You don’t go to the emergency room because you have everything together! You go to the emergency room because that’s HOW you get yourself together. Now snap out of it and Let’s GO!”

The victim comes to his senses, walks into the emergency room, and gets the help, support, and treatment he needs. In the end, he’s all fixed up.

Today he looks and feels brand new.

Happy Ending.

Consider this:

The menacing gang members represent the conditions of life that appear to threaten your happiness.

The violence they inflict represents the lack of control we feel over our lives when circumstances seem to mercilessly push us around.

The Good Samaritan represents that element in your life that always shows up to remind you that 1) you’re not dead 2) it’s not over 3) help is out there and 4) hope is still alive even though things may feel pretty rough right now.

The emergency room represents the thing you know you have to do to begin taking control of your life and improving your situation. Nobody can tell you what that is, but your deep heart knows exactly what it is. You may not know what’s going to happen when you do it, but you know what it is you need to do. You may not know what the second step will be, but you know what that first one is. You know who you need to call. You know the place you need to visit. You know what you need to read, write, record, film, say, ask, or try. Someone out there is prepared to help you too. They are looking for someone exactly like you to show up exactly as you are right now.

The victim’s attempt to clean himself up before walking into the emergency room represents all the false premises we buy into about why we’re not qualified to take that step we know we need to take. It represents the disempowering voices that attempt to convince you how unworthy you are of help, support, friendship, love, or a better life in any form.

The decision to walk into the emergency room represents the choice you make to treat your well-being as if it matters more than anything else you have going on right now. It represents the inner resolve to see your happiness and health as being more important than what anyone else thinks of you.

Here’s my two cents:

You don’t need to be perfect. You don’t need to meet anyone’s criteria for being “worthy” or “qualified”. You don’t need to have it all together. Just take the first step your heart is telling you to take and move boldly in the direction of your own wholeness. When you do that, you’ll open yourself up to a world of information, healing, blessings, and support that you can never find while hiding in order to ensure no sees any of your imperfections.

What you need is out there. Go get it! Your well-being is an emergency! That means the time for tending to it is now! Do this and you will eventually look and feel brand new.

That’s my two cents and I’m investing it in you.


T.K. Coleman

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