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TK’s Two Cents on “Why no one is cooler than you”

This world is filled with many important icons & idols, but none of them are more important than you. The television is saturated with many interesting shows and stars, but none of them are more interesting than you. Our world is furnished with many fascinating works and wonders, but none of them are more fascinating than you.

This is how I know you’re cool

Here’s a short argument for your magnificence:

Premise 1: The entire cosmos is an expression of Divine Beauty.

Premise 2: You are a particular example of God’s brilliance.

Conclusion: Therefore, you are second to no one and no thing.

In other words “Aint nobody cooler than you!”

This is not a manifesto for how shallow, stupid, or superficial celebrities, television shows, and tourist sites are. There is no need to attack anyone else’s brilliance in order to affirm your own. Your significance does not depend on you being better than something or someone else. It’s all good because it’s all God.

This is how I know I’m cool

I have an affirmation I say every morning immediately upon waking up: “I am the infinity of God individualized as me.” This tough-minded confession reminds me that I have the permission and the power to be a radiant, dynamic, and unparalleled presence in this world. You don’t have to say affirmations in the morning to know this. That is one of my personal ways, but the key is to find your way.

This is how you know you’re cool for yourself

My loving, but tough-minded, challenge for you today is to brainstorm ways of cultivating a consciousness of your own divinity. Try associating more with people who actually influence you to feel good about yourself. Read books or watch youtube videos that convince or remind you of your immense value. Listen more to uplifting music. These are only suggestions to help kickstart your own process of exploration. Let your feelings lead you on this one. If it makes you feel like a loser, it’s not working. If it makes you feel “cool”, then you’ve struck a harmonious personal chord.

Your heroes are still cool, but….

There is nothing wrong with celebrating your favorite athlete, actress, or affinity. In all things, follow your bliss. But in doing so, don’t underestimate how worthy you, your life, and your dreams are of a little affection and attention.

That’s my two cents, friends. I’m hoping you invest it in your own rising stock. Cool?

T.K. Coleman

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