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TK’s Two Cents “Excuses are great, but they don’t create.” Part II

In my last post, I opened up a discussion on the issue of “excuses”. You can read that post here. I ended by saying I would “give you my two cents on the critical component to successfully creating the  results you desire in any area of life.” Well, here goes…

Stop talking to your Ex(cuse)

You must find a way to forego the luxury of having excuses. Plain & simple. You have a right to your excuses, but being right wont always get you want you want. Your parents will understand, but your heart will never be content. You must learn to love making things happen more than you love being sympathized with for not doing what you really want to do.

When we make up our minds to consciously evolve in some aspect of life, it’s as if the Universe decides to “test” us by sending several fantastic reasons our way for why it would be completely okay if we decided to quit or procrastinate.

People who wish to take charge of their lives must resolve to decline those invitations as much as possible.

The real “why”

Good News:

If you fail to do the work you were created to do, the people who truly love you will most likely understand your reasons why.

Bad News:

You’re not here on this Earth for the sole purpose of being understood by the people who truly love you. You could be loved by everyone on the planet and still be miserable.

Better News:

The real reason why you’re here is to do the work you’ve been uniquely created to do. Those who find a way to conquer their excuses and engage in this work, know the difference between existing and being alive. The philosopher and civil rights leader, Howard Thurman, advises

“Ask not what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and then go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” 

One of the deepest sources of joy in this life comes from voluntary involvement in the process of creating something you love. Whether you actually “succeed” or not is irrelevant. It’s the sensation of being alive, of flowing harmoniously with the energy of who you know you’re supposed to be that comprises genuine satisfaction. This satisfaction is the real “why” that you’re looking for. The reason “why” you’re not experiencing that satisfaction is the cheap imitation. It looks good and it might fool others, but you’ll always know for yourself that it falls short of the real thing.

What excuses can and can’t do

Excuses can appease your guilt, but they can’t alleviate the pain of an unlived life.

Excuses provide you with reasons, but they don’t protect you from regrets.

Excuses can make you look good in the short-term, but they never make you feel good in the long-term.

Excuses are great, but they do not create.

Only YOU can create and you can’t do that until you say goodbye to some really good excuses first.

If you feel the achievement of your personal goals is being hindered by difficult to overcome excuses, stay tuned. In the future, I will return to this topic and offer some personal suggestions for how we can get around them. It’s a learning process for all of us and it will take some work, but our happiness is well worth the effort.

For now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some creating to go do. I hope you do too. Either way, I’m glad you stopped by for a cent or two.


T.K. Coleman

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