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TK’s Two Cents: Don’t let me set your agenda!

We live in a world where many different agendas attempt to dictate what we accept as true. 
Sometimes we believe, or live as if we believe, certain things out of loyalty to friends, family, peer groups, or religious and political affiliations.
Although there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with being loyal to those whose respect we desire, if we’re not careful, we may find ourselves believing things that don’t really benefit us at all because of the incentives provided by the parties we wish to please. 

The hidden rewards of losing

People who argue or fight for “negative” outlooks on life often defend themselves by saying “why would I choose to believe something like this when i don’t enjoy looking at it in that way?” They often take the “negative” interpretation as the one they are being forced by reality to accept against their own will.
What we often fail to realize is the many ways in which “negative” beliefs are rewarded and reinforced by certain demographics who don’t see your personal well-being as a top priority. 
For instance, if you choose to believe that money is dirty, filthy, and evil, you might be less likely to live a financially sustainable life.
However, there are groups who would take great pride in associating themselves with you. They will make you feel very holy, dignified, and pleased with yourself for adopting that perception. You may struggle to pay your bills while their agenda benefits greatly from your financial woes. 
If you hang out with the “right” group of people, there are intangible rewards for every possible belief, even the so-called depressing ones.
Consider the notion that no matter how hard you try, you can never be happy and successful because of your background, your parents, or your looks. Surely, anyone in their right mind would dismiss such a proposition wth little afterthought, right?
Although that belief might sound depressing to certain people, somebody wins when people choose beliefs like that. It might not be you, but somebody wins.
This is not a conspiracy theory. It’s just a simple fact that not everyone on this planet cares about you. There’s no need to be angry or preoccupied with that fact. But the sooner we can free ourselves from the illusion that things are otherwise, we can begin taking control of our own lives.
In tomorrow’s post, we’ll continue our discussion and I’ll give you my two cents on how to ensure you stay on the winning side of life in a world of conflicting agendas.
Stay tuned and continue to thrive,
T.K. Coleman
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