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TK’s Two Cents: Don’t let me set your agenda! Part II

I ended the most recent post promising to return with “my two cents on how to ensure you stay on the winning side of life in a world of conflicting agendas.” Let’s delve in…

A world of agendas

Entire religions, political factions, businesses, & philosophies are based on how people see reality and their place within it. Their funding and future growth depends on enough people espousing a certain viewpoint.
Products can’t be sold unless consumers first buy into ideas that are consistent with the purchasing of those products.
Politicians can’t be elected unless voters first buy into the problems those politicians promise to solve.
Religions can’t keep or recruit followers without a continued faith in the existence of certain cosmic agendas.
Everyone who rewards you or rejects you for believing certain things, is someone who has an agenda they’re trying to fulfill.
This is not a knock against business, politics, religion, or anyone in particular. Agendas are a part of everything. The concept of neutral agenda-free people, programs, and policies is a myth. We all have an agenda of some sort.
Some agendas are harmless, some manipulative, others benevolent. Some hidden, others disclosed in plain sight.

What’s your agenda?

What’s most important to those who choose to live their lives as creators, is that they develop the habit of always including their own agendas in the belief formation process.
Before you accept someone else’s interpretation of reality, ask yourself the following question:
“Who wins if I accept this point of view?”
If the answer to that question does not include you, perhaps it is in your best interest to find a different viewpoint.
You are never obligated to accept a disempowering belief just to fit in with another individual or group’s notion of what it means to be “cool”, “good”, “responsible”, “mature”, “intelligent”, or “informed”.
Anyone can tell you what to think, but you’re the only one who gets to experience the full spectrum of the regrets and rewards stemming from your beliefs.
I’m not encouraging you to go out and be a rebel for rebellion’s sake. That’s as unlikely to satisfy you as mindlessly believing everything someone tells you. Continue being involved in whatever you find joy being involved in. 
But before you read the newspaper, go to church service, buy the book, turn on the tv, order the product, make fun of a new concept, or regurgitate an old idea, make sure you’ve at least thought about what your agenda is first.
Choose to be selfish enough to live your life consciously.
Once you do that, you can live an involved and informed life that ensures the facilitation and fulfillment of what matters most to YOU.
I have a feeling that I’m not done with this subject, but that’s my two cents for today.
Until then, have fun creating your own thrill-filled agendas.
T.K. Coleman
PS: My agenda is to selfishly feel the joy I derive from “arguing” for people’s possibilities. It’s all about me and how happy I am when I do this. What’s yours?
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    1. Thanks Kwamla. I appreciate not only the feedback, but also the positive reinforcement and intellectual refinement stemming from my conversations with you. Thanks for sharing your agenda too. It is certainly one I endorse. Cheers!

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