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TK’s Two Cents: Why “annoying” people are awesome!

It’s not you. It’s me!

I’ve never met anyone who didn’t have a sense of humor. I’ve only met people who didn’t have MY sense of humor.

I’ve never met anyone who was too silly. I’ve only met people whose concept of “funny” differed slightly from MINE.

I’ve never met anyone who was boring. I’ve only met people who were more enthusiastic than I was about a particular activity or subject.

I’ve never met anyone who talked too much. I’ve only met people who talked about something that I wasn’t interested in listening to at the time.

I’ve never met anyone who was too quiet. I’ve only met people who had few words to say on the matter at hand.

I’ve never met anyone who was too slow or too fast. I’ve only met people who moved at a different pace from ME.

When I feel annoyed, does that mean you’re an idiot?

Often times, when we fail to resonate with someone, we assume it’s because something is wrong with them.

On any given day, we casually toss out phrases like:

“He’s too silly!”

“She’s too serious!”

“You joke around too much!”

“I think too much!”

“They’re way too quiet!”

“He never stops talking!”

“You’re such a busy body. You never stop going & going!”

“You’re way too mellow. You’re not proactive enough!”

We say these sorts of things as if we’re expressing absolute truths about another individual’s personality when what we’re actually revealing is little more than our own lack of  amusement or appreciation for certain people’s idiosyncracies.

Another way of seeing

Maybe, just maybe, there are moments in life when we don’t connect with certain aspects of others and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Maybe these moments of disconnection are just natural expressions of life’s diversity.

Better still, maybe this is a sign of something really good.

I happen to think it is and in my next post, I’ll give you my two cents on why I think annoying people (like you and I) make the world go ’round and and then we’ll explore some options for how we can harmoniously coexist with them.

For now, try not to be too annoyed with my cliffhanger 🙂


T.K. Coleman

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