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TK’s Two Cents: Why “annoying” people are awesome! Pt. 2

I ended my last post promising my two cents on why I think annoying people (like you and I) make the world go ’round. If you’d like to read it, click here. Below is the two cents I promised. I hope you enjoy. Cheers 🙂

Could your annoying attributes be a clue to what makes you great?

Bill Gothard once said “all so-called negative personality traits are simply positive personality traits misused or misunderstood.”

Many of life’s greatest achievers and influencers are people who’ve been told all their lives how they are “too this” or “too that.”

Some of the funniest comedians frequently got in trouble as children for being “too silly.” Even as adults, they are often scolded for being “inappropriate.”

Some of the most sophisticated thinkers are often told by those who do not enjoy prolonged contemplation that they are too “heavy”, “dull”, or “serious.”

Artistic people are routinely reminded of how “flighty” they are, while many of the hard-working professionals who make major contributions to society are often scoffed at for being too “mechanical” or “conventional.”

Why annoying people are awesome

The difference between “annoying” & “awesome” is entirely a matter of perception that quickly changes with the crowd. Everyone is awesome relative to those who “get” them and everyone is annoying relative to those who don’t. 

I recently went to see the movie “Midnight in Paris”. It’s a romantic comedy about a Hollywood screenwriter with aspirations to pen a “serious” novel. Throughout the film, it’s evident that his fiancée and family is constantly annoyed by his obsession with writing and his romantic fascination with Paris. Every time he brings up these subjects, they roll their eyes and express frustration with how often his thinking is somewhere in the clouds. He feels lots of pressure to tone himself down and act a bit more “normal” to fit in with the people around him.

One night, after taking an evening stroll, he discovers that Paris magically transforms after midnight. He’s taken back in time to a place where he can rendezvous with great artists of the past like Hemingway and Picasso. Everyone who meets him adores his wit, passion, and authenticity. No one tells him he talks too much. They all beg him to keep talking. No one rolls their eyes at his “pipe dreams”. The roll their eyes only at the way he doubts himself. His adventures & conversations with other creatives help him realize that he’s actually a hero and a source of inspiration when he associates with the “right” group of people.

In ways that are literal and figurative, he surprisingly finds himself playing the role of life-saver for people wrestling with real problems.

Each time he makes a difference, it’s when he’s exhibiting one of those “annoying” qualities he once felt he needed to change.

What does this say about what we should do or not do about the annoying people in our lives?

Furthermore, if people are annoying, why should we care about being more  understanding, patient, and tolerant?

Well, my friends, I will conclude this series on annoying people in my next post by offering my take on those questions.

Until then, have a wonderful day in every way. I know I will.


T.K. Coleman

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