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Your dream is your dream

Your dream is your dream. Its value is based on the fact that you love it and nothing else.

If you want to plant flowers or raise kids, do it. Not everyone needs to be a professional athlete or corporate executive.

If you want to be a professional athlete or a corporate executive, go for it! Not everyone was meant to work a traditional job or have “normal” work hours.

Changing the world doesn’t have to mean being rich or famous.

Having a legacy doesn’t have to mean being inducted into any man-made hall of fame.

Living a purpose-driven life doesn’t require everyone to sell their possessions and become overseas missionaries.

The successful person is the one who follows his own internal navigation.

The only sell-out is the one who denies his heart and conforms to external guidance.

There are miserable people both rich and poor.

There are lifeless automatons in the “corporate world” and in the “creative world.”

Theatres & orchestras are filled with people who really want to be engineers and doctors and vice versa.

You can’t live your dreams by following formulas, crowds, or abstract notions of right and wrong.

If you wish to live YOUR dreams, not someone else’s, then you must follow YOUR bliss.

That’s my two cents for the day, folks.

Thanks for stopping by.


T.K. Coleman

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  1. Thanks a million, Arvell! I appreciate the feedback. It’s good to know this one struck a positive chord, bro. Let’s keep inspiring others to dream through devotion to our own. Cheers 🙂

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