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I am a perfect unfolding of the wholeness of God

I am whole as is.

I am well as is.

I am wise as is.

My pace in life is not measured by clocks and calendars, but by my steady willingness to love myself more and more, bit by bit, day by day.

Rather than evaluating myself solely in terms of the results I achieve, I choose to express appreciation for the sincere efforts I have made to become more aware and expressive of the good within me.

I count even my frustrations as markers along the path, letting me know that I am moving into a larger sense of self in which older standards of happiness and success no longer apply.

Asserting my right to evaluate my life according to my own terms and values, I choose to transcend conventional understandings of “progress” in favor of a more nurturing point of view.

I affirm that I am whole.

I affirm that I am well.

I affirm that I am wise.

I possess none of these qualities for what I have done.

Yet, I embody them all for I am a perfect unfolding of the wholeness of God.

T.K. Coleman

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  1. I love your attitude, TK. Success for some could be measured by just getting out of bed in the morning. That used to be something I could barely do when the depression was really bad. I appreciate that you choose to perceive even frustrations as positives. My mentor says, “If I’m not making mistakes I’m not working.” Keeping it all in the larger perspective is key. All good things take time—“go slow, go far.” And your declaration: “I possess none of these qualities for what I have done,” is interesting, especially in the light of your concluding statement—It is such a conventional thing to want to possess everything—and your affirmation: to “embody,” literally means to have them in your body, which is the way I like to look at such positive qualities. I do not need to possess them, I need to be an open channel for them to pass through me. That’s, I believe, how God unfolds—He does it through us.
    Thank you for the inspiration!
    Joseph Anthony

  2. Joseph, my friend, I really appreciate these insightful and heartfelt comments. Your personal application of these ideas is inspiring and I love your interpretation of those last two lines. Let’s continue to be open channels for the Allness that Is. Thanks so much for being a part of my journey!!


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