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You ARE the opportunity: Moving beyond ideas of scarcity & competition Pt 2

In my last post, I  promised to give you my two cents on why I think it’s misguided to place faith in the world of consensus opinion, market research, familial support, & historical precedent as a reliable place to look when trying to figure out who you are and what you should do with your life. If you’d like to read the most recent post, click here. For the conclusion of that post, continue reading. I hope you enjoy.

The crowd doesn’t know what it wants until you tell them

The problem with relying on external forms of guidance to validate your personal convictions and creative impulses is that, more often than not, the world has no clue what it wants or needs until someone with a vision goes out and creates it first.

The very society in which we live is anchored in technologies and tools that the masses never requested or demanded. Once those inventions were created, however, the world expanded and made room for them. Now, we can’t imagine living without these previously unnecessary commodities.

Henry Ford is known for having said “If I would have listened to my customers, I would’ve given them a faster horse.”

It’s ALWAYS a bad time to follow your heart

Ford’s story is not the exception. It’s the general rule.

Every story of successful people, tells the narrative of an individual who dared to take risks BEFORE they had an audience, BEFORE they had an oscar award, BEFORE they had a record contract, BEFORE they had a single customer, BEFORE they had a book deal, BEFORE their skills were fully polished, BEFORE they had mastered their craft, BEFORE anyone in their families said “I believe in you”, or BEFORE some other seemingly essential component was already in place.

One of the harshest realities of life is that the world is never going to give you permission to act on your dreams.

Being yourself actually works

One of the most liberating insights you’ll ever discover is the realization that you don’t need the world’s permission anyway, because the universe was designed to accommodate your dreams.

Being yourself actually works. Self-Authenticity, when consistently practiced, causes you to attract the conditions, relationships, opportunities, ideas, and resources you need to fulfill your vision.

When we wait until we get enough money, time, or status, to follow our inner callings, we remain stuck in the same cycles of misery and malcontent. Life really works the other way around. It’s the willingness to act on Faith that brings the money, time, status, or whatever else is required.

You’ll have what it takes when you know you already have what it takes

You have what it takes to make it, but you’ll never make it until you realize that you have what it takes to make it BEFORE anyone else agrees with you.

Don’t wait on the evidence. It’s not going to show up until you do first.

Don’t wait on a following. They wont show up until you take the lead.

Don’t wait on anyone to encourage you. Others will provide encouragement after you learn to encourage yourself.

Don’t wait for anyone to take you seriously. When you take yourself seriously, the world will eventually catch on.

Don’t wait for anyone to give you an opportunity. Be the opportunity.

Move beyond the  ideas of scarcity and competition by trusting your ability to make the world adjust to you.

That’s all I have to say today, folks.

This is your advancement advocate, T.K. Coleman, and that’s my two cents

CREATE a great day!

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  1. Well, T.K. you’ve given me a shot in the arm again. Your persistence in helping us see that we need only to be ourselves—no matter what anyone else says or does-or doesn’t say or doesn’t do—is very helpful. I am a child of God. That’s all I need to remember; that’s all I need to know. The implication of this fact is that all I need to do is be myself and I will shine—automatically. We were all made to shine. Now that I know I am a child of God and act like one, my life has blossomed. Songs, poems, stories, blog entries, books—it’s all flowing to and through me. And the time is now. Thanks again. Cheers!

  2. Joseph,

    Thank you dearly for such words of affirmation and encouragement, my brother. You truly are a partaker of the divine nature and it is clear as the authenticity of all you say shines through. I’m really enjoying our exchanges and I truly hope this is just the beginning. Btw, you made the RIGHT decision when you chose to allow the flow of Songs, poems, stories, blog entries, books through you. It’s a great blessing to the world.



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