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You can do anything better when you’re doing better

The quality of my life is determined by the quality of my thoughts. As I exercise my freedom to think well, I will gradually begin to feel well, and ultimately I will live well.

Can positive thinking really do anything?

Zig Ziglar once told the story of a woman who angrily approached him after one of his lectures and charged “You positive thinkers. You naively seem to think that positive thinking can do anything.” Mr Ziglar responded “Well, I don’t think positive thinking can do anything, but I do believe positive thinking can do anything better than negative thinking can.”

Optimism IS realism

The optimistic life is sometimes misunderstood as the naive belief that by simply closing one’s eyes and visualizing flowers and rainbows, we can make the contrasting elements of life disappear. Tough-minded optimism, however, is not the denial of life’s difficulties, but rather the recognition that we can face any situation with confidence and hope. We are not here to suppress that which appears to be unpleasant. We are here to master the art of assimilating such discrepancies into the creative process.

Sometimes life does seem hard. This we should not deny. Even in the midst of such tough times, however, we must affirm our power to not let the hard times dismantle our resolve to live and our will to press forward in productive action. We must believe in ourselves and in our inner strength enough to know that we have what it takes to deal creatively with whatever challenges we encounter on our life path.

Optimism is realism because the optimistic philosophy holds us accountable to the truth that we do, indeed, have the option of choosing to be the deliberate creators of our own experiences.

When you get positive, you get practical

Far from mere idealism, this is a practical attitude. Nothing is more productive than establishing our personal connection to well-being. When we focus our attention in a life-giving way, we are “getting things done” in the way we were made to “get things done.”

Of course you’re going to feel better if you successfully create something you want, but you’re far more likely to successfully create it if you can find a way to feel good first.  An attitude of defeatism and discouragement isn’t going to make you better. If you want answers, solutions, and practical achievements, then lift your head up.

You can do anything better when you’re doing better.

That’s my two cents.


T.K. Coleman

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