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Make it real by the way you feel

I choose to honor my feelings. By acknowledging emotion as a valuable element in the creative process, I position myself to gain greater control over my life.

Thought is the vehicle. Emotion is the engine.

Thomas Troward once wrote “It is thought which creates the form, but it is feeling which gives vitality to thought.” This is a very important insight for those involved in the process of using the power of thought to manifest desired realities. Forming a mental image of the life we long for is the initial step in the creative process. It is impossible to consciously create a life that we’re unable to first envision as possible. We must always begin with a new conception of self. This new conception or mental image is what Troward calls a “thought-form”.
The persistent contemplation of what we want creates a thought-form in the invisible realm which begins to germinate like a seed until it sprouts into manifestation on the physical plane. What Troward points out, however, is that the mere creation of thought-forms is not enough. In order for those thought-forms to gain momentum, one must meditate upon them with deep feeling. Jeff Grupp refers to this process as “Telementation”, which is the practice of “feeling reality into existence.”

Feel it real

If every thought were a seed, emotion would be the water that causes each of them to grow. Only those positive thoughts which have been brought to life by heartfelt emotional energy will attract to us the things we desire. It has been observed that an ordinary piece of steel has no attracting power, but when chemical energy rearranges the position of its molecules, it becomes magnetized and is able to attract objects up to ten times its weight. Emotional energy magnetizes our thought-forms. It provides the power which enables our thoughts to attract wonderful things to themselves.

If we want to change the way our life is going, we must alter the direction in which our emotional energy flows. The world responds to us according to the “frequency of our feelings.” If we wish to ever break free from the cycle of negativity that seems to characterize our lives, we must develop the discipline of learning to feel good independently of what’s going on around us. We simply cannot afford to wait on the right circumstances to show up before we give ourselves permission to be happy. By the exercise of creative imagination, we can transport ourselves into the feeling-state of a life that is already whole. These positive feelings will then assist our physical efforts in properly arranging the outer conditions which accurately reflect our new inner state. 

Bobby Mcferrin was right: “Don’t worry. Be happy.” Why? Because when we feel good, we have greater access to the inner and outer resources that make dreams come true. So hold the image of something pleasant in mind and infuse that image with the fire of emotion.

What you feel, you have the power to make real.

That’s my two cents! What do you feel?

T.K. Coleman

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