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Don’t be tardy for the party!

“If you want to be respected by others the great thing is to respect yourself.  Only by that, only by self-respect will you compel others to respect you.”  ~Fyodor Dostoyevsky

One of my best friends just recently celebrated a birthday. Lots of party goers from all over gathered together to express appreciation for a life passionately lived and much-loved. This makes me think of the words of Mike Murdock who once wrote “Go where you’re celebrated not where you’re tolerated.”

Who’s celebrating you?

Although we all cherish moments when cheers are said to our name, not everyone in life feels celebrated. Many feel overlooked, some slighted.

Too often in life we try in vain to win the affection and praise of people whose interest in us may be casual at best.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting others to feel excited about you. But when you look to any particular individual or institution as the source of your validation, you’re always bound to end up disappointed and frustrated.

Party of one

When you recognize your social life to be a mirror of your psychological life, you can begin to create the changes you’re currently hoping others will provide.

Cultivate the habit of falling in love with yourself. Practice the art of emphasizing your own positive aspects. Develop a deep and abiding consciousness of self-respect. Get excited about the “man in the mirror.”

When you choose to be more fascinated with the story of your own life than you are with any tabloid, television drama, or CNN headline, you begin to witness firsthand the…

The power of being your own biggest fan

To the degree you prove willing to celebrate yourself, you will attract people into your experience who will reflect back to you your own self-love.

The Universe will match you up with those who find it easy to see your light and natural to praise it. If you want others to celebrate you, then you have to be willing to throw a party for yourself.

“Don’t be tardy for the party!” Start radically loving yourself right now!!!

That’s today’s two cents.


T.K. Coleman

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  1. This is one of the mindsets I used to have before starting medicine, but after lot of struggle, frustration and disappointments (in both social life and school) I started to loose the love for the man in the mirror and started to look for it elsewhere. Of course I knew this was wrong, but after so much disappointment I started to really doubt myself and my own abilities in all areas of life. Nowdays im slowly but gradually getting back to the man I used to be, and Im starting love myself for who I am again (and not who I think others want me to be). Great job at writing these articles! They may only be two cents, but these cents are the real thing.

    1. I really appreciate the positive feedback about these two cents postings. Thanks a million.

      I’m also glad to hear that you’re rediscovering and recovering your sense of authenticity and self-love. We all lose our way at times, but the true champions are those who find their way back.

      Cheers to finding your way back 🙂


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