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Peer Pressure Pessimism

“I have Joy. A TON of it. More than any one man can handle. If you need some, I’ll do my best to share it with you. But be careful…there are many who hate to see you have it, and will go above and beyond to tell you why YOU DON’T DESERVE IT. They don’t even want it, they just aim to take yours. Protect your Joy, treasure it, because without it, you become just like them…and that is not what you were meant to be.” -Jarek Khan

Do NOT wipe that silly smile off your face

Some people deliberately subdue their passion and positivity because they don’t want to be thought of as a Pollyanna. Others fear their joy will be interpreted as weakness or naiveté. Some are just afraid of annoying those who don’t feel as happy.

Have you ever asked someone how their day was going only to have them give you a real pitiful story of how bad things were? Then when they asked how things were going with you, you downplayed how wonderful a day you were having because you didn’t want to hurt their feelings?

Well, here’s my two cents on that:

You don’t have anything to offer anyone who’s in a low mood state, no matter how much you love them, unless you are somehow connected to a place within yourself that’s characterized by at least a minimal degree of peace, positivity, and purity of heart. This doesn’t mean you have to be in a chipper mood to help someone. It just means you’re not helping them at all when you pretend to be less than who you truly are in order to fit in.

The paradox of peer pressure

Peer pressure is a funny thing. We succumb to it because we don’t want to be rejected. What we often fail to realize is that the peers who pressure us are only doing so because they already feel rejected and they’re responding to their inner isolation by hiding behind cynicism, negativity, or the authority of a group. The moment someone dares to break free from the patterns of cynicism, negativity, and group-think, they soon discover that there are always others who are looking for a better option and are just waiting  for someone bold enough to come along and lead the way.

The cynic’s secret:

Here’s a secret I’ve learned about cynics: They are NOT happy!

They speak with the confidence and certainty of one who is content, but it’s all a subterfuge.

If you try to achieve “cool” status by imitating them, you rob yourself of the chance to exemplify the very attitude and approach to life that they really want and need to see.

Happiness is the new cool and everybody wants in

You’re already cool, so there’s no need to mask the beauty of your faith and positivity in order to impress someone.

If there’s a light inside of you, let it shine.

Even if a few folks snicker at you in public, they will keep their eyes on you in private. They will secretly root for you because they’re hurting, afraid, and deep down inside they are praying and pleading for a reason to believe in greater possibilities.

I can’t think of a better reason for them to believe than the joy, compassion, and sense of creativity you’re capable of embodying.

What do you think?

T.K. Coleman

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