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The unwanted is the underestimated in disguise

I believe the so-called “unwanted” is simply the “underestimated” in disguise.

When we elevate our consciousness to higher ways of thinking, we remove the mask from the face of our problems and reveal a beatific vision that had been eagerly awaiting our discovery.

Ancient wisdom on alchemizing your enemies

I’d like to devote today’s two cents to an ancient Jewish proverb I heard repeatedly as a child, but which always befuddled me at the time:

“When a man’s ways please the LORD, he makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.” -Proverbs 16:7

The basic claim seems to be that if you live a Godly or good life, then God will make your enemies be in good standing with you.

A promising idea meets a gloomy reality

This sounds wonderful in theory, but it seems, on the surface at least, to fly in the face of human experience.

However one may define what it means to “please the Lord”, there are no people in history who have gone without having enemies that refused to be at peace with them.

So either we must dismiss this Proverb as having no correspondence to the real world, which is a very fashionable approach when dealing with the apparent discrepancies in spiritual texts, or we must draw the conclusion that there has never been a single person that has successfully “pleased the Lord.”

Harmonizing the contradictions

Neither of the above options sound very hopeful to me, but I think there’s a third way. I believe there is a metaphysical understanding that allows us to split the horns of this dilemma.

First, allow me to clarify what I understand some of these key words to mean:

An “enemy” is any entity or force which acts in opposition to one’s well-being.

The term “peace” refers to the state of being in a harmonious relationship with someone or something.

To “please the Lord” means that one’s thoughts are in agreement with the Divine order of Compassion and Creativity which governs all things.

This has nothing to do with how many church services one has attended or what denomination one belongs to. A man can attend Church services every week and even be a “goody two-shoes” as far as outward behavior is concerned, yet be completely out of alignment in his heart and mind with all that truly matters in life.

“Pleasing the Lord” is a matter of working in harmony with the principles of benevolence which are the foundation upon which our Universe is built. One does not work in harmony with these principles by entertaining thoughts of hatred, defeat, and disempowerment.

An idea that can change everything

When we train our minds to think harmoniously with the laws of well-being, our enemies wont magically disappear into thin air. However, the results of their activities, even though characterized by malicious intent, will be made to function in a manner that only supports our evolution. They may remain an enemy at the level of intent, but they will be at peace with us in terms of the way in which we personally experience them.

In my next post, I will illustrate and build upon this idea. I will attempt to “hammer down”, so to speak, the notion that you have the ability to promote problematic people and situations to a more useful function in your life through slight adjustments in your perspective.

I hope you join me.


T.K. Coleman

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