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Have faith in what excites you

You can spend your life creating what you think will work or you can create what actually matters to YOU. Only one of these actually works.

Excitement is the most exciting evidence

If you find it interesting, that’s more than enough reason to learn about, write about it, speak about it, or create art about it.

Your passion is your passion. Your dream is your dream. Your desire is your desire.

There doesn’t need to be a market for it or a preexisting audience for it.

If you feel excited about it, then it matters. If you enjoy it, then it’s going to work.

It may not work in the way you or anyone else predicts it will work, but it will work.

Don’t buy this idea, TRY it

This is not an idea I can prove to you logically, although the entire historical record of artists, inventors, and innovators substantiates it.

This is something you have to try for yourself.

No one can follow your heart for you.

This is an idea you must DO.

There’s always a market for the real YOU

Should you be, say, do, or give what you think people need?

Figuring out what people need is much too complicated!

How can you ever really know for sure what anyone besides yourself truly needs?

Forget about playing the guessing games surrounding what people may or may not want and address the fundamental spiritual need of all; A living example of a person who’s discovered the vitality that comes from engaging the world with enthusiam.

This world will never be oversaturated with people who show us how to follow our bliss.

Howard Thurman’s wisdom beckons us; “Ask not yourself what the world needs, but rather what makes you come alive. For that is what the world needs; people who have come alive.”

It’s the excitement that sells. It’s the passion that moves people. It’s your own level of interest that causes others to find it interesting.

If you create something that doesn’t really move you just because you think it will sell or go over well, not only will you fail to have a good time in the creative process, but your audience wont feel much appreciation for what you give them anyway.

When you say, do, or create what turns you on, however, it works like magic.

“Just do it”

What would you say, do, or create even if no audience showed up to appreciate it?

Do it!

But don’t do this because it works. It does work, but don’t do it because it works.

Do it because it is good to feel good. Do it because when you feel the joy of connecting to your highest excitement, you are at home in the bosom of your true self.

Get off the fence, my friends. Join us here on the playground of life.

As the saying goes, “Leap and the net will appear.”

Have faith in what excites you.

That’s my two cents. What’s yours? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


T.K. Coleman

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  1. Hi Bud,You asked me to remind you about the question i asked you last week. Could you write a blog on how do we find out what makes each of us unique

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