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Law of Attraction or “Opposites Attract?”

Does like really attract like?

Today’s post is inspired by a question that was posed to me about the Law of Attraction.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the concept, I define the law of attraction as a principle which expresses the following:

Whatever you radiate or send out into the Universe, in the form of thoughts, intentions, feelings, words, and actions, will inevitably be mirrored back to you in the form of circumstances and conditions which reflect the energy of what you sent out.

This principle is frequently expressed as “like attracts like.”

According to the Law of Attraction, if you’re constantly sending out thoughts of defeat, you will attract conditions which support the defeatist view of reality you’ve chosen.

Likewise, If you’re habitually sending out thoughts of well-being, you will attract conditions which support the positive thoughts you’ve chosen.

Now, here’s the question that was raised:

Does the scientific notion that “opposites attract” negate the Law of Attraction?

Here are my thoughts on the subject:

The scientific notion that opposites attract does not negate the Law of Attraction. It only attempts to provide a mechanical explanation for how sub-atomic particles with certain properties are attracted to one another. Simply put, positively charged particles (Protons) are drawn towards negatively charged particles (Neutrons) and vice versa.

It’s important to note that the above stated scientific principle is ONLY addressing subatomic particles. The laws of nature are not being violated when non-smokers leave the room because someone lights up a cigarette. Opposites do not always attract when we’re dealing with elements other than tiny particles in a science lab.

When teachers of the Law of Attraction say “Like attracts Like”, they are not referring to every single factor involved in the event of two elements being attracted to one another, but to the “energetic compatibility” of the elements involved.

By “energetic compatibility”, I simply mean that there is a common energetic quality that makes two elements drawn to each other.

The key is to remember that the Law of Attraction is not about two elements being IDENTICAL. It’s about two elements being COMPATIBLE.

Sometimes opposites are more alike than we suppose

Many things are opposites in one sense, while still being alike or energetically compatible because of other factors.

A Male & Female, for instance, are opposites in terms of gender, but they may be energetically compatible because of their romantic attraction to one another. It’s a classic case of “opposites attract” if you’re focusing on their gender differences, but it’s a simple instance of “like attracts like”, if you focus on the aspect of two lovers seeking companionship.

A Buyer & Seller are clearly opposites in terms of what they do, but they are energetically compatible because each one is looking for what the other provides. Hence they are drawn to each other. Once again, it’s a classic case of “opposites attract” if we focus on the role each person plays in the transaction, but it’s also an example of “like attracts like” if you look at the transaction as two traders looking for someone who possesses something desirable to exchange.

In every case where opposites seem to attract, we are simply observing two elements with opposite features that share a like tendency towards balance or resolution.

If you observe closely, you’ll find that every instance of attraction involves both opposites and similarities depending on what vantage point you are looking at it from.

I prefer to think of the Law of Attraction as “The Principle of Compatibility.”

In practical terms, you must entertain thoughts that are compatible with well-being if you wish to attract fulfilling experiences.

In reality, you might attract something that looks like the opposite of what you imagined, but it will always be compatible with the energy of whatever you choose to focus on.

Hopefully that helps.


T.K. Coleman

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  1. Hi TK…. Agreed totally that negatives attract in many circumstances. Magnets being the most simple and common example.

    Similarly, opposites often attract in love relationships. Many “good girls” seem to be attracted to “bad boys” and vice-versa (which in my experience seldom works out, but that is just my experience).

    For me, any reasons that opposites attract are unconnected to my experience with the Law of Attraction where like attracts like. I simply know through experience, that for whatever reason, if I am sowing positive thoughts and actions, more positive things come back. Why this doesnt work for magnets?… who cares.

    I am just glad it has been working for me and those around me and life has been getting better and better.

    Enjoying your posts a great deal. Am starting a strenuous 9 consecutive days of work where most days are 11 hours. I often get bogged down emotionally during such periods. I have however put a few things in place to remain positive, rejuvanated, and energized. To this list I am going to add reading your post and replying daily for the next 9 days at least.

    So here we go! Thanks for sharing your positive thoughts and experiences. They are making a difference.



    1. Thanks for the feedback, Chaz.

      Your thoughts on the LOA were helpful in aiding me to process my own more critically and clearly.

      I’m glad that you’re able to effectively utilize the creative power of thought to manifest the personal growth you’re so obviously committed to. It’s inspiring to hear, my brother.

      I’m also humbled to know that my blog will be a part of your 9 day committment. I hope I’m able to be a blessing in some capacity each day.

      Your upcoming schedule sounds quite demanding, but I have no doubt that you’ll be able to find your flow.

      Let’s keep this good energy of faith and positivity flowing, bro. We’re making ourselves better and we’re taking the vibration of the whole planet up with us.



  2. Howdy T.K.

    Thanks for your wonderful insight! Scientifically speaking, opposite polarities tend to attract in order to be “neutral” … this is the case of electricity, batteries, or magnets born with +/- polarities.

    Humans are similar to this, yet more complex, as we have both positive or negative potentials that may be gravitated via thought, which generates vibration. A simple battery or magnet MUST also have both: ” + ” and ” – ” and this is why the other side attracts its opposite.

    In fact, the “secret” Law of Attraction is all about Universal Gravitation [gravity], as postulated by Newton, Einstein, Joie, and others.

    From people to weather systems, fauna migrations, planets, stars, or galaxies in orbit, EVERYTHING and EVERYONE magnetically gravitates.

    1. Thank you, JOIE, for the kind words and for the thought-provoking insights. I find your ideas regarding G-theory to be quite intriguing and I look forward to exploring them further. I’ve bookmarked your site and shall return.

      Cheers 🙂


  3. interesting topic, first time I visit your site, looks good. Yes, the Principle of Compatibility sounds alot better and much more accurate to me as well. I do not think the two terms contradicts each other, but whats going on with “opposites attract” is the universe seeking balance and wholeness , so indeed the law of attraction is at work and the compatible parts are arranged and attracted together in the way they energetically belong. Who creates the energetic patters or signatures, and how migth we better and more accuratly make ourselves compatbile with the reality that we prefer, energetically, because first we must become compatible energetically, is an entirely different subject, very interseting.

    Its well known that our vibe migth repel or attract situations/circumstances/similar energies and sometimes we become aware of our vibe and “know” or sense in advance generally what we migth expect in our experience and circumstances , I think most people have experienced this premonition feeling at least once in their life just by the way they feel. If only more of us could learn to deliberatly adjust our vibe now and not depend or wait on any condition, but just have a good vibe by choice, and therefore also reap the benefit of staying and enjoying the present moment as well. Then we have already achieved a big achievement and alignement with the present, wich makes us more alive and aware and sensitive to everything creative. This certainly enables us to be compatible with that witch we prefer or more spesifically, makes us compatible with whatever vibe we are generating, so we must carefully choose and guide ourselves into the mood and vibe wich we seek. Ive learned Its one thing to think this or write this as I do now, and an entirely different thing to put it into practise and actually really be certain that you possess and generate this vibe, and are not just knowing about this or wanting it. But writing and talking and thinking about it is a very good start. So I thank you for reminding me this important law and principle so that I migth get into the spesific states of mind I prefer quickly, now, and not wait and arrive there randomly sometime unknown. Im very happy that I read this article at this time and point. Take care

  4. Doesn’t make any sense to me at all..! The “Law of Attraction” is just another religiion as far as I’m does it differ from any other rellgion?..It requires faith and belief and trust…how does it make it any different to any other religion?

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