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I am a master of thought-force!

I am a master of thought-force! Working skillfully with the Law of Attraction, I consciously create everything I desire.
It is my conviction that thoughts are things and the one who never underestimates their reality is destined for progress. I believe that ideas and concepts are the unseen forces ever creating and destroying that which exists in our lives.

When a man walks into a room, his beliefs, feelings, and perceptions are just as present with him as his own physical body and his attitude has as much of an effect on the surrounding atmosphere as his actions.

My life is surrounded on all sides by invisible forces ready, waiting, and willing to assist and guide me in every endeavor.

We never experience reality as it is in and of itself but rather as it appears to us after having once been filtered through and transformed by our perceptions.

The circumstantial world of events is like a mirror reflecting back to us our individual state of consciousness. We see what we are, we attract what we think, and we experience only that which can be embraced by our current state of mind.

I do not call it like it is. Nor do I call it like I see it. I call it like I want it to be and bring forth my inner vision into fruition.

If we wish to alter our lives, we must make the choice to consciously participate in our own evolution by endeavoring to become what I call “masters of thought-force.” As we construct new thought patterns in our minds, we create new experiences in our lives. This is the practical application of that ancient scriptural dictum “Let your lives be ye transformed by the renewing of your minds.”

The promises and possibilities of our humanity are great and vast.

Let us each go within and lift ourselves to new heights. For as we elevate ourselves we elevate all of humanity with us.

There is only one Power in the Universe and it is a Power which does not disagree with itself. This Power is that which creates life and as we flow in harmony with it, we experience all of the abundance which is life.

There is nothing in the Universe which opposes my expansion nor is there anything which prohibits the manifestation of my good. Nothing with true power is working against me and everything with true power is working for me. 

Cheers 🙂

T.K. Coleman

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