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Money & The Musical Universe

Lately, I have been delving into something called Sympathetic Vibratory Physics AKA The Physics of Love. I have been inexorably sucked into Dale Pond’s website called “It Really is A Musical Universe.” It’s somewhat of a “heady” site, but if you’re up for the mental stimulation, The link is below. I’ve found it to be a rewarding read;

 It Really is a Musical Universe!

I really dig the site because it’s a very ambitious attempt to account for various aspects of human experience through energy-based physics. While the site itself doesn’t talk about money or economics, I started to think for a bit about how the idea of a Musical/Vibrational Universe could affect our ideas about money and the role it plays in our work, relationships, dreams, etc. This note is the first of some of my meditations regarding Money as seen from a vibrational understanding of reality. 

In the next two post, I will contrast two Economic Paradigms, The rules that govern them, and the way in which those rules affect our ability to create the results that matter most to us.

The 1st Paradigm is what I call the “Old Paradigm” because I believe humanity is collectively evolving beyond understandings of the Universe that center around what has been called by some Quantum physicist “The Myth of Matter.”

The second Paradigm I refer to as “The Emerging Paradigm” because I genuinely feel this way of seeing is beginning to enter into the mainstream consciousness in an unprecedented way.

  I. The Old Paradigm:

 A) The Universe is a closed system consisting of a finite amount of goods at any given time.

 B) All or the majority of the world’s goods are “owned” or “possessed” by someone.

 C) In order to obtain a desired good, one must do so by getting the owner of that good to part with it through an act of charity or through an act of exchange.

 D) In the case of an exchange, Money or some other visible form of currency must function as the medium of exchange.

 E) In order for one to obtain goods or fulfill desires, the cooperation of external conditions is an absolute necessity. In this paradigm, you cannot get something you want unless you can get someone else to give it to you. Even if you have enough money to exchange for what you want, you still cannot have it unless that entity is willing to sell to you.

The paradigm just described is the familiar way, but I do not believe it is our only option. In the next post, I’ll provide the layout for what I call “The Emerging Paradigm” and how it offers us greater hope, freedom, and possibility in an area that has often been know for causing anxiety and stress even in the best of us.

I hope you’ll join me.

In the meantime, create a great day.


T.K. Coleman

To read Money & The Musical Universe Pt. 2, click here.

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  1. Hey TK!

    The first of your points I will agree with whole-heartedly is that yes, this is pretty “heady stuff” 🙂

    Secondly, I am supposing that the antithesis of a closed or finite universe is an open or infinite? To be discussed in a forthcoming post I am sure.

    I have experienced time and again that life functions on a more open and infinite basis. We do indeed have systems that we often practice on a closed and finite level, such as much of our basic commerce and exchange.

    Although our governments having deviated from asset-backed currencies appear to be chasing the infinite in their own wishful ways… but that is another subj.

    The point though that I am trying to make is that so many things in my life have come to me in recent years through the less conventional approaches. It has been less and less a process of exchange in a finite system and more and more a provision from an abundance unseen brought about through attraction.

    So often I would sow positive thoughts and behaviours in one area, and then reap a benefit seemingly out of left field in another. For instance. I had to make a career change a number of years ago. I did some training then set out to find a position. I did all the conventional things… yet, my first position came about largely unrelated to the conventional efforts I sowed. Then, a couple years later when the company I was with was floundering, my phone rang and a new opportunity came to me. I did not hunt it down or dig it up, I simply was dilligent in all areas of my life and this positive opportunity came to me.

    This position lasted about a year then I said to my wife, “wouldnt it be nice if I had a position closer to home so I could be more available for her in running her business”. I then described the characteristics of the position that would be ideal. I did not go hunting or digging once again. I just focused on being the best person I could be and sowed good seed in the areas I was responsible for including the job I wanted to leave, my family, my health, my recovery and serving God to the best of my ability.

    It wasnt 3 weeks later when my phone rang again and an opportunity found me almost exactly as described. I got the call on a Tuesday, interviewed on Wednesday, and was offered the job on Thursday.

    I do not see a linear result here of me sowing job-hunting seed and then reaping a job. I sowed seed in areas I felt I was responsible to, and provision came out of the abundance of the universe… which to me God is in charge of.

    This is just one of a number of examples, including some amazing things that happend in our business this week.

    Looking forward to your next post bro! Sorry been away for a bit… will cruise by again soon.



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