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Money & The Musical Universe Pt. 2

This is a continuation of my last post. To read it, click here.

II. The Emerging Paradigm:

 A) The Universe is an open system comprised of pure energy. The Universe does not merely contain energy, but the Universe itself is a limitless unquantifiable Energy Field.

 B) This energy, by its very nature, cannot be the object of ownership. This energy can be thought of as the Life-Force or Animating Principle expressing itself through us and experiencing itself as us. To own this energy would be tantamount to a Wave trying to own the Ocean. This energy is “free” in every sense of the word.

 C) In order to obtain a desired good, one needs to harness, synchronize with, or tap into this limitless energy field in a way that brings about the organic manifestation of that desire. In this paradigm, we do not function as consumers of material goods but as conductors of non-physical energy. Life does not center around earning enough money to buy things. The focus shifts to mastering the art of orchestrating this ocean of energy in a way that harmonizes with our highest intentions.

D) Since this open system of energy-based economics is all-inclusive, Money and other visible forms of currency ARE STILL VALID. Money is neither an inferior or superior manifestation of energy. However, they are not the sole means of procurement. “Alignment”, the state of being a vibrational match to the experiences you wish to create, is an invisible form of currency good for anything one might desire.

 E) In order for one to obtain goods or fulfill desires, the cooperation of external conditions is NOT a strict necessity. To quote Esther Hicks, “you do not need the agreement of others in order to manifest what you desire. The only consensus that is needed is the vibrational consensus of aligned thought.”

While the cooperation of others may be a major part of how our manifestations come about, it is not our job to MAKE the cooperative components assemble themselves. Even if the entire world formed a committee and decided to dedicate their entire existence to shutting you out, you still retain the power, via your own alignment, to create the results that matter most to you.

As long as you do not give away your power by buying into the assumption of your own powerlessness, The Universe must present an experience to you that matches your dominant vibration.

Concluding Thoughts (for now):

Regardless of our economy, regardless of other people’s opinions, regardless of the seemingly limited amount of existing resources, regardless of anything anyone calls “reality”, each and every one of us has access to this energy field. This energy field knows nothing of shortage or lack. A right relationship to this energy field has the power to revolutionize our economy.

More importantly, however, is the fact that this current economy doesn’t have to be revolutionized in order for anyone to thrive. The Energy of Source is recession proof and through harmonic resonance with these amplitudes of abundance, we can know this as an experiential reality.

We literally live in a Musical Universe of vibration. As we learn to conduct this energy with our thoughts & feelings, the cosmos begins to play a unique personalized song of affluence, opulence, and prosperity for us. And there is no mute button.

Love, Light, and Limitless creativity to all,

T.K. Coleman

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