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Prophecies are overrated

It’s still up to you

If you’ve ever received a pleasant or positive prediction from someone who sees beyond the present, then you have my congratulations.

As long as you habitually think, speak, and act in accordance with that vision, you will attract the essence of it into your experience. Just keep in mind the words of my Facebook friend Adam David:

Any pleasant prophecy is but one version from a library menu of illusory ideas, until actually claimed as personal truth.

If, on the other hand, you’ve ever had someone make unpleasant sounding predictions about your future, I have a couple of cents to offer you that you may find helpful:

Your future will never be the by-product of what anyone else sees. It is always the outpicturing of your personal vision and the committment you have to that vision.

You, and you alone, have the responsibility and the right to be the dominant creative force in your own life.

The vision is only the beginning

Prophecies are not fulfilled by prophets. Prophecies are fulfilled by the people who get up, get out, and get going in the direction of their dreams.

While the words of a prophet can be encouraging, every successful dreamer understands that it is not a prophet’s job to make the decisions and sacrifices necessary for his or her success.

A prophet may describe an astounding vision of what your life can become. But in order to manifest that vision, there is work (be it mental or physical) that must be done. Prophets are not going to do that work for you.

Prophesies don’t fulfill themselves. People who act on faith are the only fulfillers of prophecy that history has ever known.

In case you haven’t been told

If you’ve never been the beneficiary of an uplifiting prophetic utterance and you’re waiting on someone  to come tell you that your future is bright, I suggests that you be your own prophet and declare the good that is already yours by divine right.

Your dream is your dream.

Prophecy or no prophecy, what becomes of it is up to YOU!

That’s my two cents, folks.


T.K. Coleman

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  1. ” Man Propose, God Dispose” Even if I will Achieve Nothing in this Life and maybe will also Achieve Nothing in the Hereafter, I know and staying positive about this, Many things are worthless and Need not even bother Doing It, because they are Fake and Leading to Destruction.

    1. Thanks for commenting, TwentyTwentyBeyond. I trust that you WILL achieve many good things in this life and the next. There is a power expressing itself as you which bows down to no external opposition. Your achievements may or may not be valued by Man, but your legacy will have irrefutable and eternal value. Let’s continue focusing on the positive things together and all the worthless, fake, and destructive things will return to their native nothingness.

      Cheers 🙂


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