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I support your dreams, but it really doesn’t matter.

Everybody’s got your back

Everyone you’ve known since second grade is going to buy your new book…

…after you’ve sold a million copies first!

Everyone you’ve met, including the family members you don’t know you have yet, will be eager to endorse whatever your latest project happens to be….

….after someone’s written a magazine article about you and you’ve been on The Ellen Show (2-3 times).

The people you respect will be honored to tell you they believe you can do it…

…after you go ahead and do it.

All of your friends will be happy to tell everyone they know about your dream…

…after you actually fulfill it.

Every investor with a modicum of discretionary income will knock themselves over to contribute to the capital needs of your start-up project….

…just as soon as you go ahead and successfully raise the first 500k.

You got this!

You get the point. We all feel the need for support  every now & then and sometimes that support doesn’t seem to come until we’re in a position where we don’t actually need it.

What do you do?

You keep working. You keep pressing forward. You keep supporting yourself.  Most importantly, you don’t sit around waiting for anyone to believe in you, invest in you, do a commercial for you, or anything else as a prerequisite for getting started.

If you can adopt this attitude without harboring resentment towards those who could “help you out if they only cared enough”, you’ll realize that you already have everything you need in order to accomplish everything you need.

That’s my two cents, but I’m not giving it to you. Go out and make your own. It’s about time you prove to yourself that you can do this.

I support your dreams, but it really doesn’t matter. The question is: Do you?

T.K. Coleman

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