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Creativity is the New Currency

Our connection to Source Energy is the creative power which allows us to obtain the vibrational essence of anything we desire.

All visible forms of currency (ie. Money), are only partial, tangible, symbolic representations of this power. Money is an “effect” and our connection to Source Energy is the “cause.” This connection to Source Energy, along with the emotional freedom it brings, is the true meaning of “Abundance.” This state of “Abundance” is not limited to Money being its only means of manifestation. It is capable of taking on an indefinite number of forms. Hence, a lack of financial resources in one’s life does not necessarily imply a lack of creative power.

We always have the ability to align with the Energy that creates worlds regardless of our financial condition. There isn’t enough Money in the Universe to compensate for a lack of alignment. The peace & prosperity of knowing your Authentic Self can never be bought with visible forms of currency. Alignment, however, even in the absence of Money, has no limitations on what it allows us to create.

The key to Abundance is to practice the art of looking at our creative power as an Absolute Reality which exists independently of ALL external conditions INCLUDING Money. As we turn our attention away from effects like Money and we invest our life energy in deepening our connection to Source Energy, we will begin to capture the mood of abundance in our daily life. As we abide in this feeling, making it our home, we will manifest a life experience in which the world behaves in perfect consistency with our innate sense of prosperity. Whether this experience actually involves Money or not is irrelevant.

Our connection to Source Energy, our creative power of thought, and our blissful state of emotional freedom will be the invisible currency by which desired things are obtained. What kind of visible outfit this invisible currency wears is all a matter of pure entertainment. As the philosopher Neville Goddard once remarked, “your faith is your fortune.”

That’s my two cents and it’s worth a lot more than two cents.

Cheers to an abundant life,

T.K. Coleman

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