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The Coming of the Cosmic Geek Squad

I recently listened to an interview with Michael Cremo and was stimulated by his concept that many of our outer technologies are based on an attempt to instantiate or model the inner technologies we’ve had all along. He argues that Ancients cultures, like those who built the pyramids, only seemed to be so technologically inferior because they did not value and rely quite as much on external technologies to the extent that we do. Their understanding of things like Ley lines, Earth Vortices, Cymetics, Thought-energy amplification, etc., enabled them to do amazing feats without requirement of some of the fancy gadgets of the modern world. Make up your own mind on that one, but here’s where my imagination is taking me….

Some fear that the solar flares and celestial radiation of 2012 might wipe out wireless communications and force us off the grid. Well, here’s another possibility: We re-awaken to our abilities to plug into the ethereal power grids directly through various organic technologies like DNA, The Pineal gland, Mind power, Heart-Coherence, etc. I am convinced that just as scientists are exploring things like solar fuel and electro-gravitic technology, the spiritual alchemists of our generation will explore the previously underestimated sources of cosmic power located inside of our own bodies and brains.

The prospect of what we are as a species sends chills up and down my spine. I love all technologies, inner and outer, but I have a sneaky suspicion that the long-standing boundary between the two is going to get increasingly blurry in the age to come. This Unified Field of Awareness we call “us” has some very exciting surprises in store.

I believe we are the generation that will integrate the wisdom of the ancients with the very best of modern times to cook up something really delicious, folks. Our ancestors will be proud, our offspring will be grateful, and we will be blissed out of our minds. Allow me to end with the lyrics to a beautiful jazz tune by Joe Sample & Lalah Hathaway called “Come Along with me.” It perfectly captures the romantic sense of ecstasy I feel when I contemplate the possibilities…

 If you believe in love
And all that love can bring
A brand new day
A brand new way
Will you make a case for it
Will you find a place for it
If you will
Then come along with me
If you believe in dreams
And making dreams come true
In wishing stars
And magic jars
Can you free the wild in you
Can you be the child in you
If you can
Then come along with me
A new world waits out there
Together we’ll explore it
A journey we can share
Too tempting to ignore it
An unfamiliar sea
But with you I could chart it
Love’s no sure shot
But I’d take one with you

Oh, in case you want to listen to that tune, here’s the link 🙂

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