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Don’t forget to vote for yourself

Freedom can’t be forced on you from the outside

No matter how “free” our nation becomes, we will still fail to inwardly experience the joy of that freedom if we lack the consciousness of it. Getting “the right guy” into office cannot change the fundamental way in which people process reality.

No president, party, or piece of legislation can do the internal work necessary for happiness, spiritual freedom, and knowledge of self.

Let’s add philosophy to our politics by not only challenging candidates to represent our values, but also by challenging ourselves to think, speak, and act consistently with the dreams and desires we wish to manifest in our personal lives.

There’s an election happening every day

I’ve heard people say things like “if you don’t vote, you have no right to complain about the things you don’t like in this country.” This may be true in a certain sense, but what about all of the other ways in which we can take responsibility for creating change in our lives? There is so much more to voting than showing up at a poll every 4 years.

Every thought, word, and choice is a vote you are placing for the kind of future you intend to have.

When you choose to complain about the unwanted aspects of your life rather than express appreciation for what you are grateful for, you’re placing a vote. When you choose to do what someone else expects of you, while denying what makes you come alive, you’re placing a vote. When you choose to talk yourself out of what you really want to do instead of looking for reasons to believe in your chances, you’re placing a vote. When you choose not to tell someone you love them because of a need to be “right”, you’re placing a vote.

These small everyday acts of voting will have no less of an impact on your future than the one you place every 4 years.

Two parties, infinite possibilities

Who you elect for president is important and I think you should choose wisely.

Just remember that the possibilities you’re capable of manifesting in your life are also candidates. And they’re not going to elect themselves.

You have to take advantage of your freedom and choose them.

At least that’s my two cents,

What do you think?

T.K. Coleman

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