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You can only become creative by creating

The less you take risks on the ideas you have, the less inspiration you feel and the harder it is for you to attract new creative insights.

The more willing you are, however, to share, ship, distribute, and give away your inspired thoughts without a sense of scarcity,  the more you become a wellspring of fresh ideas and creative insights.

Openly revealing your creative insights causes even more to present themselves to you, while hoarding and hiding them causes them to hide from you.

Don’t hold back the expression of your genius.

Don’t worry about looking bad. That’s the best process ever discovered for learning how to look good.

Give no credence to the notion that your best material is behind you.

Your last great idea is mediocre in comparison to your entire body of unmanifested work. Look back with pride, but look forward with expectation. The greatest is yet to come.

Just keep creating, keep sharing, keep trusting the process, and you’ll see for yourself.

That’s my two cents.


T.K. Coleman

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