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A new look at “turning the other cheek”

“Turning the other cheek” isn’t about tolerating abuse. It’s about learning to respond to adversity by shifting the perspective from which you view things.

In order to physically turn the other cheek, you have to change your position and face the opposite direction. This is a metaphor for dealing with adversity through creative thinking.

When life feels like it’s pushing us around, our natural tendency is to resist whatever it is that seems to oppose us by fighting back.

Jesus offered a higher point of view; challenge the assumption that God is not in control and resist the temptation to believe that your creative power can be threatened by any external force.

Strive to see your situation from a level of awareness that does not take seeming hardships personally. Recognize your ability to assimilate the energy of life’s challenges into your creative process.

Wayne Dyer once said “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Turn the other cheek. Focus your attention in a different direction. Explore a fresh way of looking at life.

There’s an entirely different Universe waiting for you to recognize it.


T.K. Coleman

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