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Don’t talk yourself out of a good day

Here’s one of the common ways we sabotage our happiness when things are actually going smooth;

Instead of appreciating how awesome it is that things turned out okay, we talk about how bad things WOULD HAVE been if they were otherwise. We literally talk ourselves right out of a good day.

Imagine a baseball player being thrown a perfectly slow pitch. Rather than swing for a home run, he simply watches it pass by. Then he yells at the pitcher “that was a lot better than the last pitch you threw which almost knocked me in the head.” The batter then mumbles a few swear words under his breath as he begins to detest all the times when pitchers nearly injured him in the past.

Even though he received a good pitch this time, he couldn’t appreciate it or capitalize on it. For him, it was merely a segue to discuss and relive the emotional experience of receiving bad pitches.

We do a similar thing in our daily conversations.

When things are bad, we talk about how bad things are.

When those bad things don’t happen, we talk about how horrible it would’ve been if they DID happen.

Here’s my two cents:

Give the negativity a break! You deserve it! Your body needs it! Your mind could use it! Your friends will thank you for it!

Just let it be a good day.

Sometimes, the “late guy” shows up on time. Sometimes, the “complainer” doesn’t talk about his problems. Sometimes, traffic is great and you get all the green lights. Sometimes, people are nice to you. Sometimes, your favorite songs come on the radio. Sometimes your significant other does all the right things for a day. Sometimes you get a perfect night’s sleep.

Just accept it! If things worked out, they worked out. Period!

If you don’t have an ACTUAL problem, there’s no need to bemoan the issue of how it COULD have been a problem. It COULD have been a problem, but it’s NOT.

End of story.

If today was a good day, then just let it be a good day.

Why fight for it to be another way?


T.K. Coleman

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