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The Universe doesn’t do background checks

The Universe responds to the quality of energy you radiate NOT to the background stories you tell about why you’re radiating that particular quality of energy.

Let’s use money as an example;

If you walk into a supermarket, you either have enough money to buy the things you need or you don’t.

When you’re ready to make a purchase, the cashier is only interested in whether you have sufficient funds to make your purchase. They don’t want to know your stories about how your current financial condition came to be.

Your stories don’t have any purchasing power.

They might be funny, entertaining, logical, scientific, religious, ¬†heartbreaking, or whatever, but as a general rule, you can’t buy things with your stories.

You either have the money or you don’t. It’s put up or shut up.

Your attention is a form of energy. The flow of your attention is currency.

Your ability to create the life you love depends on your committment to harnessing the energy of your attention in a productive and prosperous way.

Either you’re going to do that or you’re not. Your stories about why you’re doing that or not doing that, isn’t where the power lies. The power lies in what you actually do.

Are you spending your attention on what you love or are you busy telling background stories about why you squander your focus on what you hate?

T.K. Coleman

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