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Be a creator, not a reactor

Be a creator, not a reactor.

Don’t get your agenda FROM circumstances. Give your agenda TO circumstances.

Make conditions respond to you, not the other way around.

Here’s a simple way to start practicing:

Each time you begin a new segment in your day, start out by specifiying your intentions for how you want events to unfold. Don’t just say “I want the work day to go smooth.” Identify exactly what that means for you. Visualize it. Verbalize it. Make a choice to experience your day in accordance with that intention. As you go through the day, look for evidence that your intentions are coming to pass.

You may not notice many differences the first time you try this, but keep practicing. Gradually, you will come to see the correlation between what you look for, what you expect, and what you experience.

You will eventually be recognized, by yourself and others, as someone who’s living his or her life on an entirely different plane.


Because you’ve sent out a signal to the universe declaring that you’re not going to shuffle and stumble through the day with vague intentions and low expectations. Because you’ve chosen to be a creator, not a reactor.

Try it. Enjoy it. It’s a wonderful way to live.


T.K. Coleman

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