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Go after it!

Sometimes you just have to admit to yourself that you want something and decide that you’re going to go after it.

If you don’t specify the results you intend to create in your life, you leave the fulfillment of your heart’s deepest longings to chance.

Acting indifferently and being open to “whatever comes” initially feels safe because it protects us from the possibility of failure, but the cost we pay in the end is nothing short of emotional bankruptcy.

We have not been given the gift of free will to merely sit back and passively observe. We’re designed to be deliberate creators and nothing less than a creative life will truly satisfy us.

The attempt to accept everything, no matter what, is self-defeating for it denies the natural inclination we feel to alter the existing state of things.

To truly accept everything, and resist nothing, would require that we ALSO embrace our innate desire to create change. Would it not be hypocritical to resist that?

Embracing our creative impulses, however, means we must let go of the notion that it is somehow unspiritual or ignoble to consciously change the way things currently are.

If there’s something present ┬áin your life that you wish were absent, you have the permission and power to create change.

If there’s something absent from your life that you wish were present, you have the permission and power to create change.

“But what if that way of life fails? What if i try to change something and my efforts don’t work?”

In a worst case scenario, you will have lost nothing because you can always go back to the philosophy of being a powerless effect who can’t change anything. That’s why there’s no rush to subscribe to a philosophy like that. It will always be there. Because, like the people who practice it, it’s not going anywhere.

On the other hand, what if it works? What if you discover, like every single civilization in human history, that your generation’s definition of impossibility was wrong? What if you begin to realize capacities within yourself that you never imagined?

Aren’t those possibilities worth exploring? If so, stop being neutral and nonchalant about what you want in life and just go after it.

That’s my two cents,

T.K. Coleman

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