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The silent stories that shape our lives

What’s your story?

Before you tell me, let me make a distinction:

There are two senses in which a person can make a statement:

1) Verbally & 2) Vibrationally.

The former is when we make statements with our words.

The latter is when we make statements with our energy.

In an effort to build our brands, protect our reputations, and procure the things we desire, we tend to work very hard at watching what we say to others.

It’s important to keep in mind, however, that we don’t have to speak verbally in order to “say” something.

A man can habitually think of himself as a loser and yet never vocalize it.¬†Although he may remain “silent” or speak of being “a winner”, he will emit the vibrational signal of being a loser because of the way he thinks and feels about himself.

We can lie with our verbal stories, but our energy always tells the truth.

Our lives, professionally and personally, are the by-products of the stories we most consistently tell.

This has very little to do, however, with the PR stories we offer others when they ask how things are going.

It has everything to do with our energy; the silent, secret stories inside of our heads that lay down to sleep with us every night. Those are the stories that will shape our destiny and ultimately be told about us in the end.

I think we should endeavor to tell them wisely. Don’t you?

T.K. Coleman

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