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Nobody has it more difficult than anyone else Pt.2

We sometimes fancy how much easier life would be if we had another person’s problems instead of our own. But would it still be easier if you were required to wrestle with the problem from the same level of maturity they have?

We sometimes roll our eyes at people who get frustrated over silly things. We gloat in the fact that we successfully deal with such silly things on a regular basis. But what is it that makes us see their issue as so silly? Is it not something we’ve learned from education or experience? What if that education and experience were deleted from our memories and we were forced to address those silly things from the same level of consciousness as the person we criticize? Would their problems be so silly then?

None of us knows enough to say who has it easy. We may conceptually understand their complaint. We might successfully imagine or remember how we dealt with similar issues. But we don’t know what it’s like to BE them. We don’t know what it’s like to face the world with THEIR mind, THEIR emotions, and/or THEIR body.

Take a brief moment and think about a problem you’re wrestling with right now.

Consider this; Since you don’t know everything, there is a perspective out there much higher than yours. From that perspective, your problem looks about as small as a little kid’s frustration over not getting his favorite toy for Christmas.

The next time you’re tempted to despise or resent someone who seems to have it easier than you, remember that.

The next time you feel inclined to make light of someone else’s troubles, remember that.

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