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I dare to expect astounding things from my mind

My individual mind is an extension of Divine Mind.

I intend to adopt habits of thought and speech which reflect an understanding of this relationship between my personal consciousness and the Cosmic consciousness which governs the Universe.

I decide to regard my words and ideas as instruments of The Great Creative Intelligence.

I choose to lose my ability to describe and define my life in disempowering terms.

I declare my mind to be invincible. It is completely invulnerable to all forms of negativity and disempowered thinking.

Inharmonious thoughts  are not evidence of lack in my mind, but they are evidence of lack in mental training.

Since there is no lack in Divine Mind, there is no lack in my mind.

I banish from my subconscious the notion that it is difficult or unnatural for me to consistently think in this way.

I dare to ascend upward.

I dare to rise above the conventional and the commonplace.

I dare to expect astounding things from my mind.

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