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You can have what you desire if you get rid of your ideas about what it looks like

‎”We can have whatever it is we choose, I don’t care how big it is.” – John Assaraf

Does that statement sound too good to be true? Well, here are some thoughts that might help you along the way if you ever find yourself in a place where it feels like your positive thoughts aren’t working for you;

There’s a distinction between the energetic essence of what we desire and the mental pictures we have about what the manifestation of our desire should look like. All desire, at a fundamental level, is pure. Our ideas, however, about who or what will best fulfill those desires are not always perfect.

If we consciously & consistently choose to focus our attention in a life-giving way, we will attract experiences which reflect the wholeness and well-being we focus upon. This will ultimately lead to the perfect and legitimate fulfillment of all desire.

Sometimes the manifestation of our desire will be consistent with what we imagined and other times it will be beyond anything we’ve ever dreamed.

If you consistently think of yourself as an abundant person, for instance, that doesn’t mean you will become a multi-millionaire, but you will manifest a lifestyle in which you experience the freedom that you need to creatively express your Authentic Self and that is the very essence of abundance.

Using the creative power of thought is not about focusing on what the manifestation of your desire will LOOK like. It’s about aligning with what the energetic essence of your desire FEELS like. It’s not about using mind power to create a diamond ring or to make Brad Pitt materialize out of thin air into your arms. It’s about capturing the mood of harmony, wholeness, joy, and abundance by habitually maintaining a mental atmosphere of peace, prosperity, and positivity.

Most failure & disappointment with the Law of attraction is the result of people being glued to a particular idea of how they think their manifestation will unfold. When we focus on mental/spiritual alignment and we leave the manifestation up to God/The Universe, the fulfillment of our desire always comes to us in the best possible way…which is usually better than the image or idea we had in our heads anyway.

We may not be able to manifest a carbon copy duplicate of every image that pops into our imaginations, BUT WE CAN manifest/attract the ENERGETIC ESSENCE of anything we desire if our focus is wedded to it.

In other words, you can have what you desire if you get rid of your ideas about what it looks like and just get on with the real work of focusing your attention in a life-giving way.

That’s my two cents


T.K. Coleman

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