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Our mischievous little friend

Have you ever had anyone lie to you before?

Have you ever had anyone unintentionally provide you with misinformation before?

If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, did your experience of being misled affect your ability to trust the person who misled you?

How did you treat that individual’s words the next time they offered you their prediction, promise, or perspective? Did you blindly accept it as valid or did you cautiously examine the basis for their claims?

What if I there was someone in your life who had been providing you with misinformation from the day you were born? What if that person was always trying to give you advice in spite of the fact that they were dead wrong most of the time?

Would you keep that person around as a valued source of information? Would you consult that person when making important decisions? Would you believe any of their promises?

Well, here’s the deal; That person is a part of your life and, if you’re like most of us, they’ve been a part of most choices you’ve had to make since you were born. That person’s name is “worry”. Some of his nicknames are “anxiety” and “fear”.

This person lives inside of your brain and pretends to be your guardian angel. In reality, he’s an imposter. He’s a software program created by the mass consciouness that’s been downloaded into your thoughts through media and cultural indoctrination.

Although this person always lies to us by offering doom and gloom prophecies which frequently miss the target, we have a notorious habit for giving him chance after chance to earn our trust. I, personally, think it’s time to declare that we’ve had enough. If we get so angry about politicians and preachers who lie to us, why should we make an exception for the voice of “worry”?

I say it’s time to tell our mischievous little friend to go stick his face where the sun doesn’t shine. Now, that’s tough-minded optimism.

T.K. Coleman

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