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Trust your tastes

Trust your tastes.

If you think it’s cool, then create it.

Whatever you find fascinating deserves to exists.

Have you ever bought a book, music cd, poster, outfit, car, or anything else that really turned you on, but none of your friends really resonated with it? Have you ever ate anything that your friends found unpleasant, but that tasted delicious to you? Did the opinions of others stop you from enjoying it?

What if the person who created the thing you enjoy so much had decided to not invent it because there wasn’t enough evidence at the time that their idea was “cool”?

We all understand the concept of trusting our tastes when it comes to consuming things, but we tend to abandon this trust when it comes to creating things. What works with one is good for the other.

The next time you have a creative idea, use the same strategy you employ when buying food. Don’t ask everyone at the market what they like. Go after what YOU like.

This is T.K. Coleman and that’s my two cents.

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