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Human Imagination is a stargate

Human imagination is a stargate.

It is a gateway to higher dimensions and a portal to divine realms of possibility.

It is not an escape from the world in which we live, but it is a transportation device which positions us in the center of that power and place from which all worlds emerge.

We activate this stargate by first taking it seriously as a real and practical technology existing within our own being.

We travel through it by consciously choosing to enter our hearts deeply enough to touch and taste the very essence of our dreams. In this state we do not merely visualize, but we step into the picture of our visions and we remain there until we have become citizens of the dreamworld.

Although it is our nature to dream, we were not born to simply fantasize. We were born to realize and materialize.

There are entire universes awaiting our discovery. Within the heart of the discoverer is the device by which these discoveries are made.

Open the door of your heart today and take a trip through the stargate of human imagination.

I’ll meet you there.

T.K. Coleman

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