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Today is the big day

My high school drama teacher, Mrs. White, was fond of saying “stop saving your best material for the callback. If you don’t give it your best shot right now, then there won’t be a callback.”

She knew the tendency we had, as students, to reserve our full effort for the perceived “big moment” when things would really count. Yet, she understood that they key to getting to the big moment lied in what we did in the present.

Sometimes, while pursuing the life we love, we fear wasting our energy on our “mediocre” jobs or opportunities that don’t seem to be worth a 100% effort. We fancy ourselves being more committed once a good thing actually comes along. But what if we never get to see that good thing until we first show the willingness to give our best here and now?

I believe the present moment IS the big moment you and I have been waiting on for our entire lives. I believe the only real and causative action is the action that’s happening now. The doors that we dream of opening are compelled to swing freely by the power of our conviction and commitment.

Don’t wait for something better to come along. Be your best now and you will attract opportunities that reflect your state of being.

As Abraham Hicks says, “the fastest way to get where you want to go is by making peace with where you are.”

T.K. Coleman

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