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Is that what you WANT to believe?

Whenever you hear yourself uttering a statement about something you can’t be, do, or have, ask yourself the following questions;

How does this statement/belief make me feel? Does it make me feel good about myself and my chances at life or does it make me feel bad about myself and the world I live in?

Is this something I WANT to believe or is this something I feel like HAVE to believe? If I could, would I exchange this belief for something that feels better?

Who wins when I believe something like this? Is it someone or something other than me? Do I receive any benefits or rewards from this belief? Does this belief empower me to create the results that matter most to me? Does it motivate me to act in accordance with my dreams or does it make me feel discouraged and disappointed?

If this belief were a person looking for a job, would I write a good reference letter for it? If someone I cared about chose to adopt the same belief, would I be proud of them?

Sometimes we argue for our limitations as if we were getting paid to do it. In reality, our limiting beliefs only rob us of our happiness and personal power. Is that the type of thing we want to fight for and defend?

If a belief doesn’t serve you, question it. Actively look for an alternative point of view that actually has your best interest in mind. Find someone who’s happy or successful and ask them about their beliefs. Hunt down a person who’s getting the kind of results you’d like and model some of their practices and principles. It may take some effort, but the best things in life are worth fighting for, aren’t they?

As I often say, don’t argue for your limitations. Fight for your possibilities.

What do you think?


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