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Don’t miss a meal

Have you ever gone too long without eating and ended up feeling cranky by the end of the day? Have you ever felt weak or had a bad headache because you dragged your body along throughout the day for too long without eating?

I believe that something similar is happening to us when we angrily snap at the people we love or when we stress out once our agenda is thwarted. We tend to blame our circumstances or feelings, but those are only symptoms of the root cause. What we really suffer from, in those moments, is psychological malnourishment and spiritual starvation.

You’re not a bad person. You’re doing the best you can given the conditions. You’re like a car without fuel. You have the ability to go as far as you want to go, but you can’t get anywhere until you get filled up with a steady supply of energy.

Don’t treat your spirit like it only matters when things get dramatic. Build up your mental muscles and develop your emotional competence daily.

If you’ve already read a really great book on personal development, self-care, or spirituality, don’t stop there. Make it a life long practice to feed your mind and nourish your soul on a daily basis.

Don’t miss a meal. Trust me, you wont like the way it feels.


T.K. Coleman

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