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Don’t wait until you die

When you die, people will be shocked and disappointed. Nevertheless they will get over you. A few kindred souls MAY carry sorrow in their hearts for a long time, but the overwhelming majority will let it go pretty quickly. If you were to drop dead today, the world would move on. They’d do a nice ceremony for you, say some nice words, and cry many days BUT they would move on. Everybody would eventually return to their jobs and go back to living their lives.

The most unfortunate fact about death, is that for many of us, it is the first time we realize that people will get over it and move on when we do something that shocks and disappoints them.

Whether we do it in life or in death, we WILL let people down and make them feel sad one way or another. This simple little fact just shows how vain it is to organize our lives around not disappointing others. It’s a nice thing to try, but it’s just bound to fail.

I encourage you all to live from the heart. Don’t intentionally hurt anyone, but don’t run away from your calling because of a fear that someone will be disappointed in the choices you make.

Don’t wait until you die to do the thing you have to do.

That’s T.K.’s Two Cents

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