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You can afford it

Like an engineer who diligently studies the intricate design of a machine for days in order to properly build it

Like a runner who trains every morning on an empty track months before the actual marathon

Like a singer who goes alone into a sound proof practice room to do vocal exercises for an hour every day

Like the monks in a monastery who fast weekly and pray hourly in an effort to raise their spiritual consciousness

Like a doctor who spends nearly a decade of his life in prepartion before he ever gets to be called doctor

Like an aspiring actor who sleeps in his car at night only to be comforted by the fire of his commitment to the dream

Like a mother who sacrifices herself daily to provide compassion and nourishment to children who may not even begin to appreciate her efforts until 20 years later

Like the friend who is there for their friend even when it’s very inconvenient and uncomfortable to be there for them

I choose to look beyond the cost I must pay today in order to celebrate and cherish the beautiful feelings and moments we I long for.

Mike Murdock wrote “a champion is someone who’s willing to do what he hates in order to create what he loves.”

Whatever or whomever you love may not always make you feel comfortable, but the good life is not about finding the situation that’s free of discomfort. It’s about commiting to the people and the passions that are worth the costs.

When the way seems hard, step back from the intensity of the moment and remember the reasons why you make your choices.

Trust yourself.  Know who you are. Identify what you truly want. Remember why you want it and believe you can make a way how. The price may be high, but when your awareness of those things are higher, you’ll always be able to afford it.

That’s T.K.’s two cents

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