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Create a great day

God or Ultimate Reality is good.

Whatever emanates from God possesses the nature of The Creator and is therefore also good.

Who created this day?

If the answer is God, do we not have a compelling case for the conclusion that today, along with every other thing God created is a good day?

What, then, could be the cause of a so-called bad day other than our conscious or unconscious disagreement with God’s opinion?

Esther Hicks says that God has an opinion about you and it’s always a good opinion since God is Unconditional Love. What we call a bad day amounts to a strong sense of separation from Unconditional Love. In other words, when we subscribe to disempowering or self-negating beliefs about ourselves because of the way we interpret circumstances, we enter into a state of disagreement with the only perspective that makes happiness a viable option.

When we agree with God by daring to believe in the very best  in ourselves and for ourselves, we come into alignment with the energy of Source and we experience the divine ability to

Create a great day,

T.K. Coleman

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